Om Sri Sairam


With ever flowing grace of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba nay His Sankalpa a unique project was made possible and that is Sai Gokuldham first at Wagata village then shifted to bigger place at Gangapura near Vakkaleri, Malur-Kolar road near Malur, spread over 3 acres of land with the sole purpose of protecting animals; mainly cows from being slaughtered. Started in the year 2004 with half a dozen cattle, there are now over 60 cows, calves, horses, sheep etc. which are nurtured lovingly till their heavenly abode. This dream project was the result of Mr Sharma's mother's wish that the hapless cows should not be driven out or sold to others when they become old. Bhagawan Baba also preached that "Gavo Vishwashya Matharah" meaning the sacred cow is mother of whole world and should be looked after well till their end like our parents.